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Workgroup-Netherlands aims to reduce the intercultural gap in healthcare in the Netherlands by means of the following activities.

1. Discussing cultural dilemmas in health care through annual events.

In recent years, we realized this goal with the event “Dying without struggle” (2014),

“Breaking the language barrier” (2015) and “Meet MCAN” (2016 and 2018). During “Meet MCAN” the activities of MCAN are discussed.

2. Provide information to the Afghan elderly.

In 2017, we started a series of information evenings about the most common chronic diseases such as “Diabetic disease”. This project has been highly appreciated in both cities (Zoetermeer and Oosterhout). This project will be continued in 2018 and expand to other cities as well with new topics.

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MCAN is a volunteering initiative, consisting of a multidisciplinary group of medical doctors and academics living in the Netherlands.