MCAN Radiology Webinars No. 3: Intra-arterial thrombectomy; Aspiration versus stent retriever

Our MCAN Radiology Webinars continu. For the latest series we will look at COVID-19 through the perspective of the radiologist.

The Radiology series is being led by Dr. K. Salah and Dr. M. Samim. They have also participated in our general COVID-19 webinars which you can find on our website. 

In this webinar we get a clear overview on the best practive methods for intra-arterial thrombectomy bij Dr. K Salah.

Date: February 21th 2021

Presenters of our Radiology webinars series: Morsal Samim, MD, PhD, Resident Interventional Radiology and Khibar Salah, MD, PhD, Resident Cardiovascular Radiology

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