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Support MCAN member to help refugees in Hungarian refugee camp Röszke

Nobody will have missed that thousands of Syrians flee their country every day. The growing influx of refugees has sparked commotion in Europe and heated debate among European leaders.

An effective solution for the large number of refugees now coming to Europe has not yet been found. Drs. Khoshal Khorami, one of the trusted MCAN members (1), will therefore personally contribute to the effective reception of Syrian refugees in the Hungarian refugee camp Röszke, which currently houses over 1,500 people. Together with fellow MCAN member Mariam Popal, he takes matters into his own hands. Next Thursday, September 17, he will travel to Röszke to hand out packages that meet basic needs, such as hygiene products and food.

Bad conditions:

Röszke is a village near the border between Serbia and Hungary, where asylum seekers who want to travel to Europe are stopped. Human Rights Watch recently reported on the appalling conditions of refugees in Röszke (2). There is talk of hunger and dramatic hygienic conditions. The camp is also overcrowded.

Khoshal Khorami: “As an Afghan refugee, I can imagine the situation that Syrian refugees are currently in. The reception in Hungary is degrading and unacceptable. We can no longer watch tacitly. We are able to do something for these people. ”

Together we make the difference:

With the donations collected, Khoshal Khorami will hand out the packages on the spot and report on the circumstances. This report will be fed back and evaluated upon returning home, so that a second trip may be taken later. The MCAN Foundation supports the noble initiative of Khoshal and calls for more donations so that as many people as possible can be provided in Röszke.

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