On the 30th of November 2018, our board member Derakshan Beekzada was interviewed by the Volkskrant.

The interview was regarding her and her best friend Maartje. A story about friendship, perseverance and fair chances.

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On Friday 14th of November 2014, our board member Parweez Koehestanie gave an inspirational talk at TEDx Venlo.

The talk was about his life story and a part of that story is his contribution in the rebuilding process of Afghanistan through MCAN. We are proud and congratulate Parweez with his appearance on TEDx! Parweez is an example of a large group of dedicated people who are willing to, unconditionally and voluntarily, invest their time and energy for Afghanistan. Let’s motivate each other to go beyond the impossible and help Afghanistan to a brighter future. Together we can!


On April 4th of 2016 a news item was featured on MCAN during our visit to Afghanistan about the launching of the UpToDate project.

A strong team of five doctors and one medical student are in Kabul (Afghanistan) for the implementation of UpToDate, an online medical knowledge source; at the Kabul Medical University (KMU). It will be used by more than 2.500 medical students and medical teachers at the KMU.

MCAN works demand driven and we hope to provide them with the resources to provide the best care for their patient.

TOLO news, at 17 min, about the importance of the UpToDate project for the KMU.

Radio 1 Netherlands

On July 2nd of 2014 an interview with Safir Zewari, the chairman of MCAN was on the Dutch radio.

Safir Zewari is op 9-jarige leeftijd met zijn ouders en kleine broertje uit Afghanistan gevlucht. In Nijmegen studeerde hij geneeskunde en sloot zich aan bij een groep hoogopgeleide Afghanen. Daar kwam hij op het idee om artsen en studenten in Kabul meer actuele medische kennis bij te brengen.

Medisch Contact

On June 30th of 2014 an interview with Safir Zewari, the chairman of MCAN was in a Dutch medical magazine.
Artsen brengen actuele kennis naar Kabul

Een groep Nederlandse artsen met Afghaanse wortels heeft dit voorjaar het Medisch Comité Afghanistan-Nederland (MCAN) opgericht. Hun belangrijkste doel is om artsen en studenten van de Kabul Medical University toegang te geven tot actuele medische kennis. Uitgeverij Wolters Kluwer heeft inmiddels een abonnement aangeboden op de online medische databank UpToDate voor een derde van de gangbare prijs.