MCAN is a volunteering initiative, consisting of a multidisciplinary group of medical doctors and academics living in the Netherlands.

Our Beginning

MCAN is an independent working group which has officially been established in 2014. Though it must be mentioned that MCAN started its activities back in 2010, when a group of young doctors formed a committee dedicated to help Afghanistan in the rebuilding process.

Our Values

MCAN is committed to advancing and strengthening the level of health care in Afghanistan. Currently, we aim at knowledge sharing. In the future MCAN wants to support and enable Afghan and other health professionals residing in the Netherlands to (temporarily) return to Afghanistan to offer short- or long term assistance and expertise to the health sector of Afghanistan.

Our Mission

MCAN seeks to contribute to the improvement of easily accessible and quality healthcare services in Afghanistan. To achieve this, we aim to engage Afghan and Dutch health professionals, academics and health- and financial organizations that are interested in Afghanistan.

Our objectives


To enhance medical teaching and improve medical curricula in Afghanistan through knowledge sharing and capacity building trainings


To identify and mobilize Afghan health professionals and medical academics based outside Afghanistan and to build links and a database of these experts


To collaborate with other organizations involved in capacity building and knowledge sharing both inside and outside Afghanistan to draw on already well-established expertise and experience